Sweetgrass Productions has been on the cutting edge of ski film production for years, but their latest film, Afterglowis an entirely new take on the genre, and it might very well be the single most visually stunning piece of high-end ski filmmaking that you will ever lay eyes upon. But don't just take my word for it. Have a look for yourselves.

Here's the most stunning segment from the film.

And here's the film in its entirety.

In a behind the scenes post over at Wired, Jakob Schiller shared some awesome photos and information about how Sweetgrass managed to pull off such an ambitious production.

The team used eight 4,000-watt lights, accented with smaller lights and gels to add contrast and fill. All told, the lighting and filming gear—which included several RED EPIC cameras and an octocopter—weighed 9,000 pounds. Where possible, they ferried all that stuff up the mountain in a helicopter, but there were times when it was loaded into sleds and hauled up by hand.

Afterglow GearCredit: Oskar Enander

Arri Fresnel AfterglowCredit: Sweetgrass Productions

Lighting a MountainsideCredit: Oskar Enander

No matter your feelings about skiing or the ski film genre of filmmaking, it's hard not to admire the amount of work that went into creating Afterglow. The result is utterly astounding, and it proves that innovation is always possible, even when the genre feels completely stagnant. Great work, Sweetgrass Productions.

Source: Wired