If you happen to be working in the lighting or grip departments, you will more than likely encounter some variation of the grip truck, a (hopefully) well-organized and well-stocked wonderland containing all of the essential and under-appreciated tools of filmmaking, as well as all of the bits and pieces that you would ever need to tackle the variety of technical problems that arise on any set. What's even more exciting is that grip trucks usually aren't prohibitively expensive, which puts them within reach for some lower-budget productions.

So what kinds of tools can you expect to find on a grip truck? Here's a walkthrough of a basic three ton grip truck package that rents for $195/day at Miami's Budget Video Rentals:

As grip truck packages go, the one shown above is among the most basic and most inexpensive. When you factor in that many grip truck rentals also feature some form of a dolly, most often a doorway dolly or a Fisher, you're usually looking somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-$400/day. However, more often than not, your lighting packages will also be rented along with the grip truck, which, depending on the package you choose, can put a three to five ton grip truck rental more along the lines of $500-900/day, depending on where you live. Last, but not least, many rental houses that offer grip truck packages treat those rentals much like the process of renting a U-Haul, where you're also charged for mileage put on the vehicle. It's important to make sure that you factor those costs into your grip and electric budget as well.

Now that you've got a good idea of the types of things that are included in a grip truck, let's take a look at some best practices for the packing and unpacking of a grip truck. This tutorial is an excerpt from an awesome Lynda.com course called Pro Video Tips:

And last but not least, here's the best (and only) piece of grip truck sketch comedy that I've come across:

What are some of your best practices for renting and packing a grip truck?