The truth is that accidents happen. Manufactures know this, and they (hopefully) build their products to withstand our abuse. Zeiss is one such company that goes out of its way to engineer their lineup of lenses to withstand a wide range of physical torture, everything from the obligatory lens drops to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. But just how do they carry out these rigorous tests? Here's a look inside the Zeiss Center for EMC and Environmental Tests, a place where wonderful lenses undergo cringe inducing experiments for the betterment of all lens-kind. It's truly a noble undertaking.

Obviously, it's never advised to push the limits of your gear to the extent that these Zeiss scientists do. But it's nice to know that when the going gets tough, your Zeiss glass is up to the challenge.

Do you have any horror stories about Zeiss lenses -- or any lenses -- that have withstood absurd amounts of abuse? Share them down in the comments!

Source: Carl Zeiss Lenses