While other companies are introducing budget 4K DSLRs, Canon still has just one, and it's not cheap. Though the 1D C is now a few years old, it's still been retailing for $12,000, a hefty price just for 4K capabilities (the 1D X does basically everything else it can do except 4K). On Sunday, February 1st, its price is going to drop by a massive $4K, and it will now retail for $8,000.

If you've missed some of the great stuff shot with the camera, here's The Ticket, shot by Shane Hurlbut:

And check out Philip Bloom's review if you haven't:

The 1D C is a great camera for gimbal rigs, and it's also been used extensively as a crash cam. As we've said before, this doesn't necessarily mean that a new model is imminent, but it is something that Canon will do when they are trying to get rid of old stock. At this price, the 1D C makes way more sense than it ever did for most people at $12,000 (or even more). Considering the 4K recording in MJPEG takes up a ton of space, it was a bit more difficult to get big CF cards at affordable prices. Now that these cards have come down in price, it's more realistic using this on projects when you're only recording in 4K. 

It still has the limits of every other DSLR, but for people who want a small 4K camera with nice image quality, or a 4K camera with good low light capabilities to complement a larger 4K camera, the 1D C's new $8K price might actually work for your budget (though it's still out of the range of most people for what it can do). 

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