Apple's newest ad aired last night during the 2015 Academy Awards (see the full list of winners here). If you missed the show, you can watch the ad right here:

The voiceover was taken from a Martin Scorsese commencement speech given at NYU, which we covered previously:

Using tools like FiLMiC Pro and VideoGrade, the students from LACHSA shot on the iPad Air 2 and made films in a week (and the BTS footage was also shot on iPads):

iPad is the ultimate tool for independent filmmakers. It lets them chase their ambitions and dive deeper into the work they’re so passionate about. Learn how students at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts relied on the power and versatility of iPad to write, produce, shoot, score, and edit their films in a matter of days.

At this point it's really not surprising seeing commercials shot on iPads and iPhones, but it's great to see what high school students can do with pretty simple tools — tools available to plenty of people. It's clear they aren't using Fisher dollies and Technocranes (like some previous Apple ads) to shoot this footage. These students are shooting on good ol' Redrock rigs and other DIY tools (including using skateboards), so the results are much closer to what the average person could do.

It's refreshing to think about the message of the ad when you consider all of the money Hollywood spends on making movies. It might be a cliche at this point, but yes, you can go out and be creative and make a movie with just the phone in your pocket or the tablet on your desk.

To read more about the process and check out more behind the scenes videos, head on over to the Apple site here.

Source: Apple