The new ARRI ALEXA Mini wasn't the only major new product introduced during last week's BVE. The company also unveiled the L10, an adjustable color temp LED with a 10" fresnel lens that will now stand as their flagship model. While the power consumption of the L10 is only 400 watts, it's capable of achieving brightness levels similar to a 2,000 watt Tungsten head. 

The L10 is going to be available in Stand Mount, Pole-Operated, and Hanging versions. There will also be three different L10 models:

ARRI L10 Different Models

Check out the full specs:

ARRI L10 LED Specs

And here is the photometric data for the L10-C, which is adjustable from 2,800 to 10,000 Kelvin:

ARRI L10-C LED 3200K

ARRI L10-C LED 5600K

We don't yet know the price/availability, but I would expect those details to be revealed relatively soon (as they will probably be showing these off again at NAB 2015). With the L5-C coming in at a little over $2,000 and the L7-C coming in around $2,700 (Daylight and Tungsten versions less), it's likely that the L10-C will probably arrive somewhere north of $3,000, possibly around $3,500 (the Daylight and Tungsten versions will probably cost slightly less).

With the price, and the fact that the L10 is over 2 feet in length and weighs over 40 pounds, these LEDs are certainly in the higher-end, but as with anything, they can always be rented for specific jobs or when you need more of them. 

ARRI L10 Series LED

Source: ARRI