No, it's not just you -- the name of this Brooklyn based collective makes me think of this, too. However, the intention behind the project is pretty interesting, and they're wanting you to get in on the action. Nomadique is "a Brooklyn-based multimedia cooperative committed to facilitating cross cultural communication, self expression, and empowerment."

Nomadique Collections Gallery Space

We are filmmakers, photographers, journalists, and musicians who are devoted to bringing integrity to the process and impact of our art work. We partner with nonprofit organizations, purposeful businesses, and news outlets to create compelling documentary based narratives and original art experiences.

The pop-up show will play one night only in mid-April in NYC and will feature live performances, film screenings, and a gallery display.

"Nomadique is seeking submissions for our upcoming multimedia art exhibition, inviting artists to reflect on the sensation of belonging.

Nomadique Collections: Belonging. Audience Engagement

I asked Nomadique about about their goals for the project:

NFS: Why is the concept of 'belonging' the focus of this piece? Was it inspired by any specific current events, or just something in the air?

Nomadique: This is our fourth multimedia art exhibition, and with each one we choose a timeless theme that is both open-ended and universally relatable. Our need for belonging both connects us all, and yet creates deeply rooted division and exclusion. We plan for the show to illustrate this tension with current events, timeless ideas, and most importantly, work that is informed by personal experience.

NFS: What is the precedent for this exhibition and what level of engagement have you seen with the space?

Nomadique: We believe that experiences, more than any form of art alone, can generate impact on thinking and feeling. Our shows are designed for experiencing art in a community, while giving an audience the opportunity to have an individualized experience. We've been honored by the resounding growth in attendance and praise between our first two shows, and are very excited by the potential of the upcoming one.

Nomadique Collections: Belonging. Open Call for Submissions

Put yourself out there and fill out the submission form for NOMADIQUE here. Remember, the deadline to get your submission in is February 20th, 2015.

Source: Nomadique Collections: Belonging