The problem with that is that you have to wade through a bunch of videos that sometimes might seem pretty good in the preview, but end up being not so good when they reach your NLE timeline. That is why this offer from Bigstock might help in assuaging your fears of paying for shoddy stock videos.

Bigstock offers free 7-day trials of their video and photo subscriptions plans, allowing users to download up to 1 video per day during the trial period. However, Bigstock has given NFS users the ability to download up to 35 free HD videos (5 per day) by signing up using this link.

If getting 35 free HD stock videos just for signing up for a free trial isn't enough of a selling point, perhaps you need to know a little bit more about the company offering them to you. Bigstock has over 23 million royalty-free stock photos available on their site, with a video collection in the thousands that is growing more and more every day. All of the videos on the site are completely royalty-free, and are offered in Web, SD, and HD.


In terms of pricing, in case you liked what you saw during your 7-day trial, Bigstock offers three different monthly plans for video subscriptions that vary based on your needs:

  • 150 videos per month (5 per day): $79
  • 300 videos per month (10 per day): $99
  • 50 videos per month (no daily limit): $79

If you're interested in learning more about what Bigstock has to offer, head on over to their website, but if you want to get your hands on those 35 free videos, sign up for a free trial using this link[If you want the exclusive NFS deal, you must use the link provided.] 

Source: Bigstock Photo