Beginning post-production on a feature film is often a tedious process of logging and organizing footage — one that's usually passed off to assistant editors when available.

However, is it possible this step is more crucial to the creative editing process than you might think? A panel of talented editors at the Sundance Film Festival sat down to talk about their craft, and one thing they agreed on: frontloading the organization of media yourself is essential.

The shoe-less No Film School Editor's Roundtable at Sundance 2015 consisted of four talented editors from both narrative and documentary who have also helmed films as directors, producers, and DPs. The discussion above included Sean Gillane (Editor, Advantageous, Man From Reno), Don Swaynos (Producer, Beaver Trilogy Part IV, Editor/Director Pictures of Superheros), Eileen Meyer (Editor, Best of Enemies, The Romance of Loneliness), and Christopher Smith (Assistant Editor, Racing Extinction, Editor/Director, TINY: A Story About Living Small).

What is your workflow? Do you agree about frontloading the organization process to free up creativity?

Featured image from ' TINY: A Story About Living Small'