The music video for siska's new song "Unconditional Rebel" is perhaps the perfect example of this. Shot at 1000fps in a single take from a car traveling 50 km/h, the video takes us on an incredibly surreal three and a half minute journey that, in actuality, took only five seconds to shoot.

Written and directed by French filmmaker Guillaume Panariello, the music video for "Unconditional Rebel" is largely a single live-action shot that is supplemented with visual effects and compositing from the folks at La Planete Rouge, a post production house based out of Marseille. In a brief statement on their webpage, the filmmakers at La Planete Rouge explained the process behind pre-visualizing and shooting the video. You'll have to excuse the rough English translation from the original French.

1000FPS 4K Single Take Music VideoAn overhead from pre-visualization of the Unconditional Rebel music video.Credit: La Planete Rouge

It is a real video performance that we produced with the talented director Guillaume Panariello and our equally amazing VFX Supervisor Benoit Maffone. When we started to discuss a traveling Flex 4K with 80 actors in 5 seconds, the perplexity reigned. We embarked on a lot of prep work in a 3D animation software placing all the characters in the right place at the tempo and possible camera movements. Seeing the animation, we said that the result could be huge. We filmed Sunday, November 3 in a plain in Crau, so it is a video in slow motion, a sequence shot traveling in front of 80 extras arranged along nearly 80 meters of a small road in the middle of nowhere in an industrial area. Filmed at 1000 frames/second with a Phantom 4K onboard a car going 50 km/h, the shooting lasted 5 seconds.

BTS of 1000fps Phantom Flex 4K Single Take Music VideoBehind the scenes of the Unconditional Rebel music video shoot.Credit: La Planete Rouge

In case you are wondering what this single take looked like in real time, you can take a quick peak at the original footage on siska's Facebook page.

Source: La Planete Rouge