And for 65mm, there aren't really any anamorphic options. While Super 35mm and smaller formats have lots of options (and more everyday), when you get to these larger formats, many of them are simply rehoused still glass, not necessarily designed with the newest technology specifically for cinema. That's why Vantage, makers of the fantastic Hawk anamorphics, has just announced some mouth-watering lenses on paper:

Vantage felt that newly designed glass was needed to meet the potential that the 65mm format provides. We have taken great care, the appropriate amount of time, and significant investment to create innovative optical calculations combined with original designs that are tailor made for each new series and, thus, provide the filmmaking community with completely new anamorphic opportunities. Development has been underway for more than a year, and all three series are already being manufactured. The initial core sets will be available later this year.

  • Hawk65 Anamorphic includes prime lenses from 35mm to 250mm and front anamorphic zooms, providing cinematographers with that true 65mm large format Scope look.
  • Hawk65 Anamorphic Vintage ’74 is a version of the Hawk65 Anamorphics with lower contrast, flares, and creamy skin tones that create the signature aesthetic of the 1970s for 65mm large format sensors.
  • Hawk65 MAX consists of several wide and medium angle lenses and has been developed for IMAX®film format and other giant screen applications.

It seems like these would be 2X, but it's not entirely clear if they'll have multiple versions of each series with different squeeze factors. It's interesting that they've continued their Vintage series into the 65mm lenses, so depending on the look you're going for, you'll have more options. There isn't any more information or sample footage, and we don't know what these are going to rent for, but you can be sure they won't be cheap. Regardless, Vantage makes some fantastic products, and Jon Fauer at FDTimes has said they will work with the ALEXA 65 (and he's got an interview with more info coming up). 

If you're wondering what Hawks on Super 35mm look like, we've got some samples. Here's a test of a bunch of anamorphics from :

A 2X Hawk Vintage anamorphic test from :

There are tons of movies that have used the Hawks, but most recently John Wick was shot on the Vintage series lenses:

Autómata also recently used 1.3X Hawks:

Source: Vantage