In the independent film world, many editors have also helmed other roles, from director, DP, or producer, which perhaps gives them unique vantage points when working with a director on a feature film. The editors who sat down for the No Film School Sundance 2015 Editor's Roundtable embody that versatility. Check out what Sean Gillane (Editor, Advantageous, Man From Reno), Don Swaynos (Producer, Beaver Trilogy Part IV, Editor/Director Pictures of Superheros), Eileen Meyer (Editor, Best of Enemies, The Romance of Loneliness), and Christopher Smith (Assistant Editor, Racing Extinction, Editor/Director, TINY: A Story About Living Small) have to say about their working relationships with the directors at Sundance and beyond.

What do you see as the ideal relationship between editor and director? Do you agree about post being the a film's final rewrite?

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