Every year at Sundance, we aim to speak with indie filmmaking teams who have collaborated on some of our favorite movies. Learning from these successful collaborations can help us in our own future projects. Let’s take a look at the collaboration between filmmakers Francesca Silvestri and Laura Chinn, and how their undeniable chemistry helped them in the production of the film, Suncoast.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins, speaks with Francesca Silvestri and Laura Chinn to discuss:

  • Feeling both nervous and excited for the wide release of the film
  • Not having to sell the film at Sundance
  • Never taking no for an answer
  • What Laura and Francesca love about working together
  • Challenges with shooting in certain locations
  • Tapping into the 2000s nostalgia without overdoing it
  • Seeing younger casts at Sundance this year
  • Being at shocked at how many writers don’t write
  • Trusting that feedback is constructive and helpful
  • Why self-development is so helpful for filmmakers

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