How many of us are finding distribution? In 2015, crowdfunding platforms have been focusing more than ever on the distribution, and here are three ways that Kickstarter, Seed&Spark, and Indiegogo are paving the way for films to not only get made, but be seen.

Kickstarter Announces 'Spotlight'


Earlier this year, No Film School spoke with Kickstarter's Dan Schoenbrun about the many ways that the platform is considering distribution and long-term careers of filmmakers. Last week, Kickstarter launched its newest feature for project pages called "Spotlight." Using a simple interface for project creators, the new feature allows filmmakers to change the way their project is viewed -- namely, to direct backers and other people who stumble on the page to where you can watch and buy the film.

Seed & Spark Strikes Deals with Verizon & Quiver


A few weeks ago, Seed&Spark announced deals with Verizon, Quiver, and Emerging Pictures. The platform already has a strong distribution component, where films can be viewed through the Seed&Spark site, but this partnership can allow filmmakers to be exposed to over 5 million VOD suscribers and the likes of iTunes, Netflix, and Google Play. Projects that meet certain crowdfunding thresholds can even become eligible for theatrical distribution.

Indiegogo Partners with Vimeo On Demand as Distribution Platform


At the start of 2015, Indiegogo announced a partnership with Vimeo as a preferred distribution platform, which includes benefits such as unlimited backer fulfilment, curated Indiegogo films on Vimeo, and a million dollar Creator Fund for Indiegogo films that distribute exclusively on Vimeo On Demand.

If you've had success using any of these platforms for distribution of a film, we would love to hear about it down in the comments!