Of course you do. It's only the coolest visual effect to emerge from the cinema of the 1990s. However, shooting a bullet time sequence is traditionally very expensive to pull off because it requires a veritable plethora of cameras (maybe 50 or so), and although DIY solutions exist, it usually requires a large crew, tons of extra gear, and a whole lot of work in post production.

But what if you could achieve a similar effect with a single camera and a nifty twirling high-speed camera rig? Well, now you can. A startup called OrcaVue is producing a kind camera movement platform that will bring bullet time-esque shooting capabilities to a much wider audience:

And here's another example of the OrcaVue rig in action:

The OrcaVue rig will come in two sizes depending on who or what will be on top of the platform and what kind of camera you're using.

OrcaVue 360 Degree Slow Motion Rig Specs

OrcaVue 360 Degree Slow Motion Rig Recommended Cameras

OrcaVue 360 Degree Slow Motion Rig

As of right now, you can purchase the OrcaVue Life for $2500 and an OrcaVue Life Travel Package that includes a custom Pelican case, an airplane-friendly battery, and some other accessories for $2800. No word yet on how much the XL version is going to cost. The OrcaVue team is also going to be providing rental services that include an experienced operator. 

Personally, I see the OrcaVue as a specialty item that may be worth renting on a project by project basis. The visual effect it produces definitely looks great, but it doesn't change the fact that this rig is a one-trick pony. For certain types of corporate, wedding, and sports videography, the OrcaVue is almost certainly going to find a niche. For everybody else, however, it may be difficult to justify the cost, cool though it may be.

If you have any questions about the OrcaVue rig, feel free to post them below.

Source: OrcaVue