In honor of NAB, our friends over at Color Grading Central, who were just featured by Apple for their powerful new plugin, have a special gift for readers of this site. For a limited time, you can get 25% off Color Finale, the popular and potent plugin that brings professional grading features directly to your FCPX timeline. 

Just in case you missed the Color Finale launch film/sizzle reel, it's definitely worth another look:

The tools inside of Color Finale are many of the same ones that you'd find in higher-end color suites. Not only do you get traditional color tools like 3-way color wheels and RGB curves, but Color Finale also comes with a simple LUT application tool and a powerful six-channel vector grading tool that allows you to make subtle or drastic changes to any one of six primary chrominance values. With the vector tool, it's insanely easy to make your skies more vibrant and blue, change the color of a building, or just sweeten up your skin tones.

Here's a demonstration of how all of these tools work together in the easy-to-use Color Finale interface:

And here's a quick tutorial for how you can use Color Finale to grade an entire sequence from start to finish in less than five minutes:

The major benefit of using Color Finale is that you can get a high-end result without round-tripping to another program. If you're working on tight deadlines, you can save yourself loads of time and energy by doing all of your editing, grading, and finishing directly inside of FCPX.

Color Finale comes in at a reasonable $99, but No Film School readers can get 25% off during NAB by applying the code "nfs25" at checkout. You can also try the plugin risk-free for 7 days (and the footage isn't watermarked or anything silly like that). But you've got to hurry, because the discount code expires on April 23.

So give Color Finale a try, and if you dig it, why not save yourself some cash with the discount code.

Source: Color Grading Central