Writer Emergency Pack is now available for $19. Back in December, I was pleasantly surprised when my very own Writer Emergency Pack arrived less than a month after the end of the ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign. And I'll admit, I've found myself flipping through the deck during a few early morning writing sessions on my latest script just to get into my creative space.

So, what is Writer Emergency Pack? Quite simply, John August has created a deck of cards full of intriguing ideas and helpful tips gleaned from his years as a professional screenwriter to help all of us find new ways to get unstuck when we are mired in our latest screenplay problem.

The deck includes 26 illustrated cards with quick suggestions to help writers get past their current obstacle.


Each illustrated card has a related detail card that has specific suggestions on the front and more tips to try on the back.



But wait! There's more!

You can't create a deck of cards and not create a game. That's why every Writer Emergency Pack comes with instructions on how to play "Cards Against Normality", a way to create a story with your friends using the cards as prompts.

Order your Writer Emergency Pack from store.johnaugust.com and use discount code "nofilmschool" to get 10% off until May 1st.

Or you can order from Amazon and not get the discount because you don't like to save money. That's fine. Be that way. Whatever.

Source: Writer Emergency Pack