Before we get to the giveaway, though, what's Soundsnap? Well, it's not just an online sound library, it's the largest one to offer an annual unlimited subscription. CEO Tasos Frantzolas says:

Soundsnap is made for the modern filmmaker. We have an exhaustively-curated collection of the best sound effects on the planet, and we’re working all the time to make it better.

Clients like HBO, NBC, Konami, BBC, Comedy Central, Pixar and NASA have used Soundsnap for their productions -- most likely because each sound effect is made by music producers and Hollywood sound designers from films such as Melancholia, Black Swan, Tron: Legacy, The Dark Knight, and The Hunt for Red October. So, not only is the content produced by professionals (members are not allowed to upload their own), as well as reviewed by professional full-time curators, there is a lot of it. Their library is stocked with well over 100K sound clips, with 1K being added every week.

With such a high volume of new content coming in, as well as an extensive existing library, Soundsnap's site interface is designed to make searching for effects simple and easy. Their navigation options allow users to search for specific sounds or browse by using their metadata display, which includes categories like "Animals", "Exteriors", "Human", and "Music Loops". And since their metadata is so detailed and updated regularly, you won't have to wrestle with finding misplaced effects.


Previewing sound effects is streamlined for those who want to audition a bunch of them all at once. The player at the top of the screen gives users the option to "play all" of the sound effects available on the page, as well as skip forward and back. This is actually a great feature, because having to play every clip individually and pause them to avoid interference with another makes the whole process unbearably slow. Soundsnap's player let's you sit back and focus on the sounds, rather than navigating through them. And of course, you can always listen to each individually -- but that's no fun.

When it comes to pricing, Soundsnap offers several options that range from $9 for 5 sound downloads to $249 for a year of unlimited downloads. So really, there's something for every kind of user. All sounds are completely royalty free and can be used in any project you wish, including films, commercials, etc.


Now, back to the giveaway! Soundsnap is giving away three of their annual unlimited accounts specifically to No Film School readers. If you'd like to enter, send an email to with "NoFilmSchool Contest" in the subject line. The three lucky winners will be announced in two weeks, so send those emails and stay tuned!

Source: Soundsnap