Today, Adobe rolled out an update that should fix many of the issues people were experiencing and allay concerns for people who were holding off on upgrading to CC 2015 until it was a bit more stable.

Here's a list of the fixes and improvements that are included in the update:

Performance and Stability

  • Heavy memory usage with Lumetri YUV Vectorscope
  • Improve AVCintra 100 performance
  • Importing many stills results in a crash
  • Crash when attempting to adjust a mask on a Lumetri effect
  • Hang when switching Lumetri Scopes to any other than Waveform
  • Crash on Windows if you open the Premiere preferences with invalid device settings
  • Premiere crashes when attempting to open a project that has an effect mask applied to the Fast Color Corrector video effect
  • The keyboard shortcut for legacy Source Settings was missing
  • Timeline panel auto-scrolls and follows mouse when no button is pressed
  • Timeline panel Mute buttons change state when playing/scrubbing sequence


  • Audio distortion playing 5.1 clip in 5.1 track with multichannel master
  • Buzzing audio distortion when switching (Switch Audio) multicam cameras during playback.
  • Round tripping AAF results in random missing track items
  • Multimono clips in multichannel sequences do not play all audio channels
  • Audio crossfade transitions cause A/V sync offset when Round tripping FCP XML
  • Exporting timeline to AAF stalls near end of export
  • Volume set to minimum value, has no effect on channel volume
  • Performance issues with Multi-cam edit with 40+ audio channels.
  • Audio meters are lost when moving focus from trim window to timeline
  • Audio meters do not function when opening a project.
  • Audio Track Mixer and Audio Clip Mixer controls do not function after re-opening a project.
  • Audio Pops and clicks playing cut points in the timeline after source monitor scrub or playback
  • Crash when recording VO with transmit enabled and audio out is set audio device
  • Audio waveforms disappear in Source Monitor when a clip is opened a second time
  • Using “Write” mode in Audio Track Mixer automation does not record keyframes


  • Closed Captioning: MXF closed caption embedded files with AVI-I are not decoding properly / being recognized
  • Closed Captioning: With some files, captions will not display in the Source Monitor — captions also take a long time to load
  • Masks do not match the direct manipulation of the mask in the program window
  • Sync Settings : workspaces or keyboard shortcuts into Premiere CC 2015 that were created in CC 2014
  • Using Sync Settings once disables External Pref Management

This update is recommended for all users, and it's available right now for download within the Creative Cloud app.

Source: Adobe Blogs