This video for Samsung's GearVR presents some of the most beautiful sights in the world, from incredible city skylines to a herd of wild horses running through expanding foothills -- all in 4K -- in 360°. This means that as you watch the video, you can use your mouse or the A/S/W/D keys on your keyboard (or wave around your phone if you're on the YT mobile app) to look around in every direction.

Since it's so visually stunning and also interactive, you're going to want to view this thing in full 4K and on Chrome or YouTube's mobile app for best results.

And here's another exclusively featuring shots of Iceland:

The company behind this incredible video is Immersive Media, the same people that are responsible for Google Street View, and they're leading the charge when it comes to 360° video capture technology. We were able to catch up with them at NAB this year to talk about their unique camera systems, stitching algorithms, and VR devices, so if you're interested in learning more about them and what they do, you can check out our coverage here.

So, considering the fact that a VR company is responsible for this video makes me not only think about the possible future uses for VR in cinema, but also how the cinematic experience will change for both filmmakers and filmgoers if it becomes a viable approach -- perhaps in the same way 3D did when more its advanced technology came out.

Could you imagine the storytelling and cinematographic possibilities (and headaches) of shooting a 360° film? Virtually everything we've ever learned about cinematography would have to be revamped and retooled if your audience could look around your movie as if they were there. Then again -- video games have been doing this for years and they're telling some of the greatest stories today (not to mention displaying incredible cinematography).

Source: IM360