There are a few carryovers from Toronto in the competition section, including Cary Fukunaga's newest film Beasts of No Nation, which is actually going straight to Netflix. We've also got the new films from Drake Doremus, Atom Egoyan, and Tom Hooper, and Martin Scorsese's insanely expensive short The Audition, which stars Robert De Niro, Brad Pit, and Leonardo DiCaprio. In addition, there is the animated film Anomalisa, directed by Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, which successfully Kickstarted $406,237 in September 2012, and is now appearing in both Toronto and Venice three years later.

Here are a few trailers for films playing the fest this year:

This is the full list of in competition and out of competition films. The complete list of films showing at Venice, which includes their classics section, can be found over on their website

Venezia 72 (In Competition)

  • ABLUKA (FRENZY) director Emin Alper (Turkey, France, Qatar)
  • HEART OF A DOG director Laurie Anderson (USA)
  • SANGUE DEL MIO SANGUE director Marco Bellocchio (Italy, France, Switzerland)
  • LOOKING FOR GRACE director Sue Brooks (Australia)
  • EQUALS director Drake Doremus (USA)
  • REMEMBER director Atom Egoyan (Canada, Germany)
  • BEASTS OF NO NATION director Cary Fukunaga (USA) 
  • PER AMOR VOSTRO director Giuseppe M. Gaudino (Italy, France)
  • MARGUERITE director Xavier Giannoli (France, Czech Republic, Belgium)
  • RABIN, THE LAST DAY director Amos Gitai (Israel, France)
  • A BIGGER SPLASH director Luca Guadagnino (Italy, France) 
  • THE ENDLESS RIVER director Oliver Hermanus (South Africa, France)
  • THE DANISH GIRL director Tom Hooper (UK, USA)
  • ANOMALISA director Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson (USA)
  • BEHEMOTH director Zhao Liang (China, France) — Documentary
  • L’ATTESA director Piero Messina (Italy, France)
  • 11 MINUT (11 MINUTES) director Jerzy Skolimowski (Poland, Ireland)
  • FRANCOFONIA director Aleksandr Sokurov (France, Germany, Netherlands)
  • EL CLAN director Pablo Trapero (Argentina, Spain)
  • DESDE ALLÁ director Lorenzo Vigas (Venezuela, Mexico)
  • L’HERMINE director Christian Vincent (France)

Out of Competition

  • WINTER ON FIRE director Evgeny Afineevsky (Ukraine) — Documentary 
  • GO WITH ME director Daniel Alfredson (USA, Canada, Sweden)
  • HUMAN director Yann Arthus-Bertrand (France) - Documentary
  • DE PALMA director Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow (USA) — Documentary
  • JANIS director Amy Berg (USA) —Documentary 
  • NON ESSERE CATTIVO director Claudio Caligari (Italy)
  • BLACK MASS director Scott Cooper (USA)
  • LAO PAO ER (MR SIX) director Hu Guan (China)
  • EVEREST [OPENING FILM] director Baltasar Kormákur (United Kingdom, USA)
  • SOBYTIE (THE EVENT) director Sergei Loznits (Netherlands, Belgium) — Documentary
  • GLI UOMINI DI QUESTA CITTÀ IO NON LI CONOSCO director Franco Maresco (Italy) — Documentary
  • SPOTLIGHT director Thomas McCarthy (USA)
  • NA RI XIAWU (AFTERNOON) director Tsai Ming-Liang (Chinese Taipei)
  • L'ESERCITO PIÙ PICCOLO DEL MONDO director Gianfranco Pannone (Vatican City, Italy, Switzerland) — Documentary
  • LA CALLE DE LA AMARGURA director Arturo Ripstein (Mexico, Spain)
  • THE AUDITION director Martin Scorsese (USA)
  • LA VIE ET RIEN D'AUTRE director Bertrand Tavernier (France)
  • IN JACKSON HEIGHTS director Frederick Wiseman (USA) — Documentary

Orrizonti (Horizons)

  • NEW EYES [SHORT FILMS] director Hiwot Admasu (France, Germany)
  • MADAME COURAGE director Merzak Allouache (Algeria, France, United Arab Emirates)
  • E.T.E.R.N.I.T. [SHORT FILMS] director Giovanni Aloi (France)
  • A COPY OF MY MIND director Joko Anwar (Indonesia, South Korea)
  • EN DEFENSA PROPIA [SHORT FILMS] director Mariana Arriaga (Mexico)
  • VIOLENCE EN RÉUNION [SHORT FILMS] director Karim Boukercha (France)
  • PECORE IN ERBA director Alberto Caviglia (Italy)
  • TEMPÊTE director Samuel Collardey (France)
  • THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER director Brady Corbet (United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium, France)
  • ITALIAN GANGSTER director Renato De Maria (Italy)
  • IT SEEMS TO HANG ON [SHORT FILMS] director Kevin Jerome Everson (USA)
  • CHAHARSHANBEH, 19 ORDIBEHESHT (WEDNESDAY, MAY 9) director Vahid Jalilvand (Iran)
  • HOU (MONKEY) [SHORT FILMS] director Shen Jie (China) — Animation 
  • MOUNTAIN director Yaelle Kayam (Israel)
  • KRIGEN (A WAR) director Tobias Lindholm (Denmark)
  • VISAARANAI (INTERROGATION) direcrtor Vetri Maaran (India)
  • FREE IN DEED director Jake Mahaffy (USA, New Zealand)
  • BOI NEON director Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil, Uruguay, Netherlands)
  • MAN DOWN director Dito Montiel (USA)
  • LAMA AZAVTANI (WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?) director Hadar Morag (Israel, France)
  • TARÂNTULA [SHORT FILMS] director Aly Muritiba, Marja Calafange (Brazil)
  • 55 PASTILLAS [SHORT FILMS] director Sebastián Muro (Argentina)
  • SEIDE [SHORT FILMS] director Elnura Osmonalieva (Kyrgyzstan)
  • CHAMP DES POSSIBLES [SHORT FILMS] director Cristina Picchi (Canada) — Documentary
  • UN MONSTRUO DE MIL CABEZAS director Rodrigo Plá (Mexico)
  • MATE-ME POR FAVOR director Anita Rocha Da Silveira (Brazil, Argentina)
  • TAJ MAHAL director Nicolas Saada (France, Belgium)
  • DVORIŠTA (BACKYARDS) [SHORT FILMS] director Ivan Salatic (Montenegro)
  • BELLADONNA [SHORT FILMS] director Dubravka Turic (Croatia)
  • ZERO [SHORT FILMS – OUT OF COMPETITION] director David Victori (USA, UK, Spain, Mexico)
  • OH GALLOW LAY [SHORT FILMS] director Julian Wayser (USA)
  • INTERRUPTION director Yorgos Zois (Greece, France, Croatia)

For more info about the 2015 Venice festival, head on over to their site.

Source: Venice International Film Festial