In the past year they introduced a pretty odd-looking new lithium-ion Gold and V-Mount digital battery series, in capacities of 93Wh, 164Wh, and 205Wh. While this new design is safer internally, they are taller and heavier than previous versions, and annoyingly, don't have very many flat surfaces to attach accessories to, something that's much easier with the older-style Dionics. Here is the introduction video for a V-mount version, the first of its kind from the company that patented the Gold Mount interface:

Their new lithium-ion CINE series batteries, however, takes this safer internal design and houses it in a smaller, lighter, and more squared-off package, that better suits low profile cameras like those from RED and ARRI. The one big change though is that these are more expensive. Here's the company on these new batteries, which work with all current Anton Bauer chargers:

The CINE series delivers 12 amps of continuous power and incorporates Fuse Link technology which provides protection to surrounding battery cells, preventing catastrophic damage. The battery line also features multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current states, ensuring optimal battery performance during regular use.

Ideal for camera stabilizer systems and rail-mounted cameras, the CINE battery’s durable, industrial design and footprint complements cine-style cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA MINI and RED Weapon.

For ultimate convenience, the CINE battery series works on all existing Anton/Bauer chargers and includes a PowerTap® to power auxiliary accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers and any other 14V accessory.


Thanks to News Shooter for the heads up on this one, here is a look at the new CINE batteries and what they are offering:

  • Cine 90 Gold Mount & Cine 90 V-Mount

    • Watt hour: 90 WH
    • Voltage: 14.4 volts
    • Measurements: 4.67 x 3.84 x 4.22 in
    • Weight: 2.3 lbs. 
    • Availability: September 2015
    • Price: $500
  • Cine 150 Gold Mount & Cine 150 V-Mount

    • Watt hour: 150 WH
    • Voltage: 14.4 volts
    • Measurements: 4.67 x 3.84 x 4.22 in
    • Weight: 2.7 lbs.
    • Availability: September 2015
    • Price: $640 
  • Cine 190 Gold Mount & V-Mount

    • Watt hour: 190 WH
    • Voltage: 14.4 volts
    • Availability: 2016
    • Weight: TBA
    • Price: TBA (Likely at least $100 more than the 150 Wh)

And here are the new L-series batteries, which come in 30 Wh and 47 Wh versions. They are also introducing new chargers for these as well, and all of these will be available in October 2015:

The Single Position Charger boasts a compact design that includes an LED indicator light, a charge control switch that allows users to switch between fast or eco charging, as well as a 5V USB output port for powering an extra device simultaneously.

The L-Series Dual Position Charger can charge two batteries at once, has an easy-to-read LCD that shows each battery’s charge percentage, and possesses battery-testing functionalities to optimize battery life.

The L-Series batteries are available in two capacities: the NP-F774 is a 4400mAh (30Wh) and the NP-F976 is a 6600mAh (47Wh). Our 7.2V batteries and chargers will be available worldwide October 2015.


  • NP-F976

    • Watt hour rating: 47 WH
    • Voltage: 7.2 volts
    • Price: $90
  • NP-F774

    • Watt hour rating: 30 WH
    • Voltage: 7.2 volts
    • Price: $66

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Source: Anton Bauer