In order to get the log profile that increases dynamic range to 12 stops, you must order a key, and it will then be mailed to you — but first, this 2.3 firmware must be installed. Here's what is in that firmware:

  1. "Activation function" is added in the menu which enables the camera to comply with "V-Log L" function by using Upgrade Software Key "DMW-SFU1". * Follow the Installation Guide bundled in the Upgrade Software key "DMW-SFU1".
  2. Recording can be paused or stopped with a press of Fn1 button in [Time Lapse Shot] despite the length of shooting interval.

As far as installing the V-Log update, though keys won't likely start being mailed until next week at the earliest, this is Panasonic's guide to getting V-Log on your camera:


As far as the footage, we had some posted in the previous post, and people like James Miller have been working on LUTs specifically for this flat, log footage:

And here's an interview with Nick Driftwood from Rise and Shine Films at IBC 2015 about the V-Log upgrade:

Head on over to this page to download the 2.3 firmware, and you'll be ahead of the game if you're getting the V-Log update.

Panasonic V-Log Instructions

Source: Panasonic