Samyang 21mm Cine Lens

On the cinema side of the equation, Samyang — whose glass is known under the Rokinon brand in the US — introduced a 21mm T1.5 and a 50mm T1.3, both of which are incredibly fast for their respective focal lengths. The 21mm adds another piece to Samyang's lineup of cine-primes with a constant aperture of T1.5, and the 50mm T1.3 is an additional half stop (roughly) faster than the T1.5 version for those times where you need the fastest lens available.

Samyang 50mm T1.3

On the photo side, they've got the same lenses but without gears and measured in f-stops instead of T-stops, with the 21mm clocking in at f/1.4 and the 50mm at f/1.2. Like all of Samyang's recent lenses, these are meant to cover APS-C sensors, but they can certainly be used for smaller sensor sizes as well. Unlike some previous entries in the lineup, however, these only come in a range of mirrorless mounts (Sony E, Micro 4/3, Fujifilm X and Canon M), which makes them excellent companions for the GH4 and Sony's A7 cameras.

We don't have the Samyang lenses available for pre-order yet, and only the Rokinon photo versions are online as of right now. Here are the prices, and you can expect the cinema versions to be a little more expensive as that is the case for the announced prices in Europe:

  • 21mm f/1.4 = $500
  • 50mm f/1.2 = $550

Although it seems pretty strange that neither of these new cinema lenses come in more traditional mounts like Canon EF or Nikon F, it wouldn't be surprising to see Samyang introduce traditional DSLR versions of these lenses in the coming months. At the rate that they're releasing new lenses (absurdly damn fast), my guess is that the company will try to make each of these focal lengths available for each lens mount as soon as their engineers can make the changes.

These new lenses are expected to be available for purchase in October, but some versions are available to pre-order from the links below.

Rokinon 21mm

Rokinon 50mm

Source: Samyang