At the event in San Francisco, Apple made plenty of exciting announcements, including those for the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s, but one exciting development centered around the Apple Watch and its 10,000 available apps, one of which will seriously benefit filmmakers.

The Apple Watch now has a native GoPro app that turns your watchface into a viewfinder. You'll also be able to control recording and will display your GoPro's current resolution.

Here's a video from the event courtesy of The Verge. (You can see the GoPro app bit at around 2:12.)

This new Apple Watch GoPro app seems like a match made in heaven for filmmakers, namely those who shoot aerial footage. Being able to monitor your GoPro more or less handsfree is really convenient; professionals, though, might not be too gung ho about monitoring from such a small screen. One thing's for sure, the new app gives filmmakers one more option -- and we like having options.