The folks over at Dugly Habits, a production studio based in Germany, have shared a video that will walk you through the lighting decisions that allowed them to create three separate atmospheres/visual styles all within the same room, as well as reveal how they pulled off a bunch of great lighting SFX. Also, it's super entertaining! Not only do you get to see each lighting decision in real time, but you get to sit back and enjoy "Peter" and "Paula" perform a scene that coincides with each visual style.

So, without further ado... 

Dugly Habits created this tutorial for the Dedolight International Competition 2015, so naturally they used quite a few Dedolights, including an SPS5 Dedolight Kit, but they also used "some other lights" and some special effects to get the atmospheres they were looking for. There are so many great lessons in the tutorial, including how to create depth and detail, but it also reveals how to pull of a ton of great lighting special effects, including car headlights, candle flicker, and lightening (with a shadow of a tree).

Source: Dugly Habits