This is the second in a series of interviews conducted by ShareGrid founder Brent Barbano. The first was with Kyle Patrick Alvarez, director of one of this year's indie smash hits, The Stanford Prison ExperimentIn case you missed that series, you can find all of them here.

Now onto the interview with Grant Smith. In this first clip, Grant talks about how he and the show's director Kyle Newacheck graduated from film school, started making sketch comedy videos, and eventually made their way into Comedy Central's roster of shows.

In the second clip, Grant talks about how he's worked his way up to the DP position on the show, how he lights and shoots for comedy as opposed to drama, and why the DP's job isn't necessarily to make great images

In the last clip, Grant talks about Workaholics' tech setup, specifically how and why the C300 has been a great asset, and why the show is now one of the first to migrate over to the new C300 Mark II.

Thanks to Brent Barbano and ShareGrid for allowing us to be the first to share these interviews with the world. If you're in LA or NYC, be sure to check out ShareGrid when you're renting equipment for your next project.

Source: ShareGrid