We've got some of the very first footage from the new GoPro drone set to come out next year:

Earlier this year, GoPro announced plans to release a quadcopter in the first half of 2016. The featured video was captured with a developmental prototype of GoPro's quadcopter and stabilization system. No post-production stabilization was implemented; this is an example of the incredible image quality we are already able to capture at this advanced prototype stage.

Though it would have been nice to see 24fps as that's what many of us are working with, it looks like they are off to a great start in terms of getting a smooth and stable result (the conditions in the video weren't necessarily the most challenging, however). The opening of the video seems to indicate that this was shot with the HERO4 (or at least using parts from the HERO4), so it's not totally clear yet whether they will release a quadcopter with its own built-in camera or whether their new drone will require one of their cameras (or if there will be models for both).

GoPro is playing a little bit of catch-up here, as DJI has been phasing out any third-party camera support in their drones for some time now. It's in DJI's favor to make everything in-house as the drones can be built smaller and sleeker, and they don't have to rely on third-parties for the best image quality. It remains to be seen though whether GoPro will be able to come up with the same kind of advancements in technology that DJI has recently enabled, as their drones can essentially fly themselves

The true test will be on price. GoPro has sheer volume of cameras going for them, so if they can make it affordable enough, it won't be a stretch for many current owners of their cameras to jump on-board and get a drone. We'll find out early next year what GoPro has in store. 

Source: GoPro