This quick tutorial from the good folks over at Sony's 4K YouTube channel and the Sony Motion Picture Center (an awesome resources which we just covered in-depth) shows you how it's done on Sony's dedicated cinema cameras like the FS7, F5, and F55:

The process for wirelessly controlling Sony's A7 line of mirrorless cameras is a bit different, and it requires you to use the Sony PlayMemories app, which is available for iOS and Android. Here's Gary Fong to show you how to set it up, and then control and monitor your camera wirelessly.

So why would you choose to control your camera via Wi-Fi instead of on the body and in the menu system? For starters, this is a great option when your camera is out of reach. Say it's being flown on a jib or a crane, is rigged into a tight space like a car, or is just places somewhere inconvenient for the operator or AC. In those situations (and there are tons of them on any given film set) Wi-Fi control can be a massive timesaver. This technology can also be used to monitor your footage wirelessly, and it could make for a simple, cost-effective solution for a personal director's monitor.

Have you guys used Sony's build-in Wi-Fi functionality to control and monitor the camera? If so, share your experiences and favorite uses for it down in the comments!

Source: Sony | 4K Creators