In honor of National Sandwich Day -- yes, it's a real thing, look it up -- we're sharing the no-budget web series boldly titled Make Me a Sandwich, which was brought into existence by Serrini and producer/world-renowned chef Jeremy Spector. The pair set out to find NYC's best chefs and have them craft their idea of the perfect sandwich. What they came up with might very well be some of the most mouthwatering sandwich-based documentary content ever produced.

Check out a few of the the most delicious episodes below:

And finally, the world's greatest sandwich:

You might be asking yourself why this series is showing up on No Film School. Well for starters, sandwiches are awesome, and anybody who disagrees with that statement is just plain wrong. Secondly, Roberto and Jeremy made this series without any budget or sponsorship. They did it simply out of their love of sandwiches. Here's what Roberto had to say about how he shot and cut this series:

I think what's interesting from a production standpoint is how minimal the overhead is. It's shot on a Canon 5D with a shotgun on the top and a lav to the chef, both going into the mic port through a splitter. That's it. Natural light, real kitchens, and real chefs making their real favorite sandwiches. Each shoot takes about 20 minutes and about an hour to cut in post. 

All of this serves as a great example of the type of work you can do in your spare time. Not only can this kind of project help you explore a topic that you're passionate about, but it allows you to hone your filmmaking skills and build up your reel. And if all goes well, it could end up helping you earn some recognition for your work. In this case, thanks to the wide appeal of sandwiches, Roberto has received some free publicity from massive websites like Serious Eats and Gothamist. Not to mention all of the amazing sandwiches that he got to eat.

It just goes to show that if you love something, you can't go wrong with making a film about it. The worst case scenario is that you've made a film about something you love. And if you do a good job, the potential upside for your career as a filmmaker is massive.

Source: Make Me A Sandwich