As with any new camera, potential buyers and renters want to know everything that they possibly can so that they can make informed decisions. Luckily, Alister Chapman — a DP who probably knows more about shooting with Sony's cameras than anybody else — recently did an extended workshop about the FS5 for Vocas, a company that produces great matte boxes and support gear.

The workshop clocks in at 2 hours 31 minutes, and it covers just about everything that any future FS5 shooters would need to know, including an hour-long section about the camera's various picture profile and gamma options. Even if you're not interested in the FS5, that section is worth watching anyway, particularly if you're shooting in S-Log 2 or S-Log 3 on one of Sony's other cameras.

Here's the presentation:

If you're looking for specific topic within the workshop, here's everything that Chapman covers:

  • 1:24 Start of presentation by Alister
  • 2:45 Introduction of Alister’s work
  • 7:12 Introduction of PXW-FS5 and it’s main features
  • 10:38 What makes the PXW-FS5 different?
  • 13:49 What the PXW-FS5 is NOT
  • 25:37 But what it is…..
  • 38:11 Usage in Gimble / drone
  • 38:40 Cooling system
  • 39:51 Lens options
  • 41:41 Variable ND filter
  • 49:35 Cool tricks (center crop, clear image zoom)
  • 55:07 Cool tricks #2 (joystick on handgrip, stream live, upload to FTP, GPS)
  • 59:14 Picture quality (Gamma curves, Cinegamma, S-Log) — 1 HOUR OF EXCELLENT TECHNICAL INFO OVER HERE!
  • 2:08:15 First firmware versions limitations
  • 2:10:51 Recording modes, codecs, XAVC vs AVCHD, recording media and card slots
  • 2:13:54 Super Slow Motion
  • 2:18:31 Multi-interface shoe
  • 2:20:28 Why is it a star?
  • 2:22:30 Model variations (kits)
  • 2:23:00 Comparison: FS5 vs FS7 vs FS700
  • 2:24:03 Sony Professional HDD RAID short info
  • 2:26:10 Wrap up, prize draw
  • 2:27:38 Alister’s shameless plug for Northern lights trip
  • 2:28:47 Audience final questions

If you're interested in learning even more, and seeing a nice short documentary shot with the FS5, check out Cinema5D's first impressions and hands-on articles. The Sony FS5 is expected to begin shipping to the masses in about two weeks, and it can be pre-ordered through B&H.

Source: Vocas Sales & Services