Sleepy Skunk has made another terrific mashup of movie trailers, this time for 2015. Check it out:

Rather than listing all of the films in the mashup, you can find the full and complete list here, broken down by timestamp. He's got a great breakdown of this mashup that you can read here:

Why deconstruct a mashup? Because these videos are often perceived as a random mess of pretty images from movie trailers. While that’s absolutely true, there’s an opportunity to explore themes and also pay a few obscure tributes to elements that don’t belong in the video itself but that are generally widespread within pop culture. These montages have been going on for a few years now, and it’s hard to edit the footage in a way that won’t feel reminiscent of one of the many great retrospectives put out by other talented editors in years past. I have to say that trying to build a narrative with all that footage has now become more enticing to me than to highlight the moments that made the year in cinema within their proper context.

It's tremendously difficult to edit all of these into one, coherent piece, but as he says above, it's part of the challenge. If you're wondering how he gets quotes with clean dialogue, for the most part he's just been using dialogue without music or sound effects. This year, however, he mentioned that he's been incorporating some of the quotes with sound effects directly into the mashup. For the first quote in the video, he uses the Matthew Goode dialogue from Self/Less, and though there is a loud sound near the end of it, he incorporated that directly into the cut. 

It's been another interesting year for films, which ones stood out for you?

Source: Sleepy Skunk