Convergent Design's 7Q+ is on sale for a limited time, and now they've got a new firmware update that doubles down on all sorts of features for the 7Q, 7Q+, and Apollo monitor/recorders. Dual 4K and Quad 1080p 60fps require the Apollo option on the 7Q and 7Q+, but other features like 60fps at 4K and 6G-SDI will work without the Apollo license (6G-SDI will not work on the standard 7Q, however). Here's more from Convergent Design on the 2016.1 firmware update:

The dual and quad recording options are pretty simple, and 4K at 60fps is self-explanatory, but here's more on what 6G-SDI means for the recorders:

6G-SDI Support (Apollo & Odyssey7Q+) allows monitoring and recording of 6G-SDI video signals from Blackmagic Design cameras. 6G-SDI connectivity means that a single SDI cable can carry up to 4K30p video from cameras such as the Blackmagic Design URSA, URSA Mini and Micro Studio Camera 4Ki. The Blackmagic Design 4K HDMI to SDI converter is also supported, so in conjunction with Apollo’s Dual-4K, two 4K HDMI cameras such as the Sony A7S can be recorded in Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT) on a single device. There are two 6G-SDI inputs so two Blackmagic Design devices can be supported simultaneously. No other portable recorder has dual support for 6G-SDI.

It's worth mentioning again that you need the Apollo option or Apollo recorder for the dual or quad recording (an additional license that costs $1,800 — or a $150/day rental), but these recorders are now fully compatible with the 4K 30fps output from Blackmagic cameras, and the base Odyssey 7Q+ model can record anything up to that. 

To download the update, head on over to the firmware page here

Source: Convergent Design