The 5" Video Assist monitor/recorder was missing a few important features just after it hit shelves, but the company has been rolling out updates over the last few months. The 1.1 firmware added a bunch of essential features, including HDMI timecode, and the 1.2 update builds off that, and adds a brand new codec, Avid DNxHD. Here's everything that's new in the update:

  • Adds DNxHD codec
  • Adds extended Zebra range
  • Adds SD card record time remaining on status overlays
  • Adds clip playback information panel
  • Adds HDMI record trigger

With HDMI timecode from firmware 1.1, the recorder could technically trigger from HDMI, but now they've actually added HDMI record triggering in 1.2. This means that any camera with the proper flags coming from the HDMI will trigger recording on the Video Assist when you hit the record button. With the new codec just added, you'll be able to record 1080p in both Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD on the recorder.

The Video Assist continues to improve, and one of the only features left that really needs correcting is the ability to remove the pulldown from Canon cinema cameras, something competing recorders like those from Atomos can already do. 


Blackmagic also updated both versions of their color correcting/editing application. Here's what's been added/addressed in the newest 12.3 firmware:

  • Decode support for HEVC/H.265 QuickTime video in DaVinci Resolve Studio on Windows
  • Added Media Storage context menu option to directly add storage locations without opening Preferences on Mac and Windows
  • Ability to add Media Storage locations without restarting Resolve on Mac and Windows
  • Added support for reading Reel Names in OpenEXR media
  • Added decode support for Sony MPEG2 video files
  • Added support for ARRI RAW sharpness when using the ARRI Full Res Debayer
  • Added support for smaller font sizes on burn-ins
  • Added support for keyboard shortcut for loop on the Edit Page
  • Improved HEVC/H.265 decode performance on Mac in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Improved H.264 decode performance on Windows
  • Improved Varicam, MPEG4, AVC and AVC-Intra MXF decode performance on Mac and Windows
  • Improved compressed OpenEXR decode performance
  • Added support for RED SDK v6.1
  • General performance and stability improvements

Be sure to head on over to the Blackmagic support page to download these updates.

Source: Blackmagic Support