There's definitely a lot that goes into what you do, from knowing every little thing about your gear (cameras, lenses, etc.) to being able to capture the vision of your director. It might be difficult to sift through it all, but DP Morgan Cooper is here to break down a couple of things all good cinematographers should stay on top of in their professional careers.

Cooper shared a ton of great insight into not only the technical side of cinematography, but the creative and professional sides as well. So yeah, know your camera, be able to fix any tech problems, communicate clearly with your director and the departments you're working with, and try to do all of this on time and within budget.

But probably the biggest lesson all DPs should learn is that behind all of that metal, glass, and khaki vest s  You're not there to show off your cool bullet-time technique or to suggest that every shot be handheld because you just got a new gimbal. No, you're there to work with the director to figure out how to shoot the film in such a way that it tells the story and communicates the emotion to the audience.

Story always comes first. Period. Make that your mantra every time you make a choice as a DP, from which camera you use to shoot with to how you want to move your camera. It all communicates, so it all matters!

Source: Cooper Films