George Miller's third installment of the Mad Max franchise garnered myriad technical accolades — Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing — at the Oscars this year. Below, the crew explains to Variety exactly why they believe Max Max: Fury Road ruled below-the-line.

"George had such a strong vision and we had such a strong backbone." 

According to the post-show interviews with the Oscar-winning crew, much of Fury Road's success came from great collaboration. George Miller's ability to give each team the space to be creative, as well as the crew's willingness to bring his vision to life, created a thriving environment that brought the best ideas to the surface seamlessly. It's a real feat, considering the fact that no single department saw the entire concept of the film in its entirety.

Collaboration is one of the many keys to success in filmmaking. Even if you're a director who likes to hold creative control, working closely with your team and allowing them to express themselves creatively will help your vision be captured.

Source: Variety