McQueen shot "Mr. Burberry" on 70mm film—the same kind of film you'd expect for an historical epic like Ben-Hur—which adds a strange sense of grandeur to the 3-minute commercial. It bears many of the trademarks you'd expect to see in a film by McQueen, like scenes flooded with cold blues and greens and brutally sexual subject matter.

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos:

Big name Hollywood directors dipping their toes into commercial fare isn't anything new. Everyone from Martin Scorsese to Sofia Coppola to Baz Luhrmann have done so; Wes Anderson lent his talent to Prada for their 2013 campaign for Candy L’Eau, directing two "filmercials" staring Jason Schwartzman and Blue is the Warmest Color's Léa Seydoux.

The release of this project by McQueen, as well as others like the nine-minute music video for Kanye West's "All Day," surely will make the director's fans eager to see another one of his feature film projects come to life, especially since he hasn't directed one since the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave back in 2014.  Lucky for them, it was just announced today that McQueen will start production in September on Widows, a thriller based on a British series of the same name, which he co-wrote with Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl fame.

Source: Burberry