Andrea Arnold, the British filmmaker whose features include a wildly original adaptation of Wuthering Heights, is premiering her new film, American Honey, at Cannes; to celebrate the occasion, Le CiNéMa Club, an online curation site for short films, is streaming her 2003 Oscar-winning short WASP from today until Saturday, May 21th. You can watch it here.

WASP short film Andrea Arnold Cannes Le CiN\u00e9Ma Club No Film School

WASP is the story of a young single mother, Zöe, who is struggling to provide for her children in the English city of Dartford (Arnold's home town). When an old crush returns from the Army, she arranges to see him, even though doing so means dragging her children along, putting them in possible danger. The film is never judgmental, though, and holds your attention with a plot as tense as the look on star Natalie Press's face. The short also features incredible performances from the children who play her brood, and Arnold's naturalistic style lets the characters' humanity shine through.

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Source: Le CiNéMa Club