Gaff tape is probably one of the most essential and functional items you can have on set: you can use it to secure wires to the floor, attach stuff to things (like gels to lights), as well as mark where actors need to stand. But those are just a few of its virtually infinite uses, and luckily for you, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shares 50 ways you can utilize gaff tape both on set and off.

If you're more inclined to read each of the uses, you can do so by heading over to The Slanted Lens' post where they list every single one mentioned in the video. But here are several we found particularly important, because they may not be quite as obvious:

  • When you’re on set and gaff tape is the closest thing at hand, use it as a sticky note.
  • Patch a spot on white or black cyc that is the wrong color. Just give a little piece of tape on there, white on white. Black on black. Works perfect.
  • Mark safe walking path on the floor. Arrows for groups to move this way and that way. I don’t know who ever looks at those any. But they look good on the floor.
  • Use it for labeling just about everything on set.
  • Use it to keep stuff plugged in.
  • Use it as a bandage.
  • Wardrobe fixes when there’s no time to sew. Most talent have a-clamps and gaff tape all over their backs to make the wardrobe fit and look good.

There are certainly plenty of other uses not mentioned in the video. What are your favorite/most essential uses for gaff tape? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Slanted Lens