Warner Brothers has just announced a very exciting opportunity for all of us fledgling filmmakers. In the Emerging Directors program, which is designed to mimic the feature production process, participants have the opportunity to craft a short film utilizing every aspect of studio filmmaking, from pitch to post. Who doesn't want a chance to work on their short for three days on the WB lot? 

With the lot comes the resources, of course, and the amount that could be at your disposal takes care of any potential budget issues. It's incredibly easy (and free) to apply.

All you need to do is submit the following:


Your resume should include any film-related work, including experience on major motion pictures, independent films, or student films, as well as any other relevant experience.


Tell us a little bit about you in under a page. What is your ideal directing career? Which film do you wish you directed and why? Why do you want to become a director?


Submit a one-page proposal for your proposed original short film. The short film can be any genre, shot over 2-3 days and should be under 10 minutes. Everything will be shot on the WB lot. The proposal should describe tone, themes, and aspirations of the film.


Submit your portfolio or any samples of your directing work. (Reels, commercials, music videos, full features, short films, documentaries, etc.)

Perhaps the coolest part of this whole thing are the subtle hints at the relationship continuing once the program is done. From the website:

The WB Emerging Film Directors Workshop provides an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to gain an education and experience in the studio filmmaking process. Through the program, the Studio will also have the opportunity to continue its tradition of working with and nurturing the talents of the best emerging filmmakers.

Enrollment is open to candidates from all over the globe, but candidates must be at least 18 years old to apply.

With the rate at which major studios are turning to indie directors to helm their franchises, this could be your ticket to the big time. It won't take much to prove you're more capable than Zack Snyder!

Top photo credit: Oscity / Shutterstock.com 

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