It's day 6 of the 2016 Olympics and like most of the world, you're most likely completely engrossed in the drama of worldwide athletic competition. Or if you're like me, you're instead enjoying some sports movie marathons about events included in the Summer Games, like boxing (Rocky), basketball (Hoop Dreams), and track (Chariots of Fire). However, there are a ton of great movies whose films may never become Olympic events—mostly because they're completely made up by filmmakers and often lead to people being intentionally killed. Fandor's Kevin B. Lee has made this supercut to highlight those amazing(ly fake) sports.

On the list you've got sports and events like rollerball, death/pod/light cycle racing, baseketball, and, of course, quidditch. (Again, a lot of killing for sport involved.) My personal favorite fake movie sport is whackbat, the baseball/cricket hybrid that Wes Anderson made up for Fantastic Mr. Fox. It's delightfully convoluted and nonsensical, and clearly has the best terms ("Scoredowns?" Come on!) If you're a whackbat fan like me, check out this little featurette about how the game was created.

What's your favorite made up movie sport? What are some that weren't included in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Keyframe

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