If you're feeling nostalgic and/or have incredibly advanced construction skills, boy, do we have the project for you. Ali Mohamed, a DIY filmmaker based in Cairo, spent seven days planning and building this incredible 3-axis motion control rig entirely out of LEGO Mindstorms nxt 2.0 and Technic pieces.

It can slide, pan, and tilt individually or do all the movements together in different programmable applications and speeds, including sliding as quickly as one meter per minute to as slowly as 45 minutes. It can also pan or tilt 90 degrees in as fast as two minutes, or up to 70 minutes.

After four days of testing, shooting, and editing, Mohamed released the video below as a demonstration of his invention's capabilities.

You can grab the build instructions for the rig here, but you'll need to do a quick download of LEGO Digital Designer's free software in order to read them. Check out Mohamed's original sketches and photos from the build below.