August 19, 2016

Doc Filmmakers: Submit Now for DOC NYC's New 'Pitch Perfect' Program

Pitch your pitch for a chance to pitch to funders and decision-makers.

We all know that documentary filmmakers are constantly struggling for support of their work from both funders and outreach partners, which is why it's a very good thing that DOC NYC has joined the ranks of Good Pitch to provide doc makers with an opportunity to connect with those resources. 

The popular documentary festival, which takes place in New York from Nov 10-17, is seeking filmmakers to submit work-in-progress documentaries to their newest initiative, one they've so aptly deemed "Pitch Perfect." The program was developed with the aims of providing a "nurturing environment for emerging filmmakers to present works-in-progress to funders and distributors." The Pitch Perfect event will take place during the festival itself, on Monday, November 14.

As one would probably glean from the title, this is not a program for films that have already been completed. Nor is it for narrative fiction. Submissions are open to nonfiction, work-in-progress features or series proposals. Works-in-progress must be on track to be completed within a year, however, with at least 50% of their budget already in place.

In addition to putting filmmakers in front of funders, the event has great potential for networking.

To apply, you must submit a 2-5 minute video work sample, one-page description, and simple budget. There is a $35 submission fee and you are allowed to submit as many projects as you like, but each one has its own separate fee and application. According to DOC NYC, projects will be selected based on their artistic merit, ability to engage an audience and potential for success in the marketplace. You can apply here.

And your prize?

10 minutes to pitch live to an industry panel, followed by 15-20 minutes of feedback, as part of DOC NYC’s industry programming, DOC NYC Pro. In addition to putting filmmakers in front of funders, the event has great potential for networking, as the festival connects projects to mentors such as producers, post production supervisors, sales agents, publicists, outreach coordinators, and marketing directors.      

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