Creative Cloud Reveals New VR Tools, 3D in After Effects, and More at IBC

Adobe Premiere Auto Detect VR
Premiere Auto Detect VRCredit: Adobe
Adobe's constant upgrade philosophy keeps the tools coming with more VR tools in Premiere and improvements for After Effects

When Adobe first shifted to the subscription based Creative Cloud system, there were some who worried that the updates might not be frequent enough to make the regular payments feel worth it. But, after some good updates at NAB earlier this year, Adobe is back at it again with a host of new updates released for IBC this year that should make filmmakers getting their feet wet in VR have an easier time of it.

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Among the improvements are auto-aware VR, which analyzes incoming footage to properly format mono or stereo video, along with automated ad insertion and digital rights management content protection to help filmmakers both monetize and protect their VR work.

Adobe Team Review
Adobe Team Review toolsCredit: Adobe

Adobe also released Team Projects, built on the Adobe Anywhere system, with an improved interface for collaborating on a project simultaneously and remotely over the internet, reviewing and resolving changes between collaborators. There is a lot of activity in this space, with Resolve also working heavily on remote grades and team collaboration toolsets, but for all the activity in software development it doesn't seem to get much real-world use. Hopefully increased internet speeds and improvements in the toolset will make this a more popular option for team project creation. Paired with Creative Cloud online storage and low res proxies, a real internet based workflow might finally be available.

After Effects gets a whole host of upgrades, including a new 3D rendering engine, Cinerender from Maxon, the developers of Cinema 4D. Raw media will now play faster natively in AE, allowing for faster compositing workflows on raw media and faster render times for preview and final delivery.

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