Whether you're a filmmaker, film student, or a cinephile, one thing's for certain: you are head over heels in love with cinema. Maybe it's the way it manages to speak to you through two-dimensional images, or how it challenges your mind with a provocative story, or touches your heart with a carefully composed soundtrack. Whatever it is that cinema uses to arrest you, in the end, its power and grandeur comes from its ability to make you feel.

Video essayist Darren Foley has shared a beautifully thoughtful tribute video to cinema—a kind of love letter that expresses his admiration, wonder, and appreciation for a medium that has done so much to help us along on our own personal hero's journeys.

If you're reading this right now it's probably because some film along the way touched and changed you in a way that nothing ever had. It doesn't matter if it happened to be a superhero tentpole or a black and white comedy from the silent era—film, with every single one of its components, is powerful. 

So, be you a professional filmmaker, a screenwriter, or simply a devout Criterion collector, you might want to take some time today to think about what it is about cinema that makes you weak in the knees: a beautiful image, a witty line of dialog, the perfect crescendo of music. And then celebrate by watching the film that makes you feel the most—anything. I'm whipping out my copy of Woman Under the Influence right now. ¡Salúd!

(This scene gives me all the feels!)

Source: Must See Films