The conventional wisdom is that, sadly, once your short has run the festival circuit, its life is pretty much over. So you design your short for festivals. You want to get noticed. You use it as your calling card in conversations with managers, agents and talent scouts. Maybe you win a little spending money or get some of the cost of the project back. You either get noticed or move on to the next project. Repeat.

But are there alternatives? What can you do with your short once it's done with the circuit? One of the options that potentially lies at your disposal is distribution. Shorts are certainly a niche market, but if you've had the foresight to create something that could appeal to a certain audience, then the chances are likely your film could be picked up. There are many avenues for short distribution around the world. If you made your film in the US, there's no saying that it won't play well to people in France, and vice versa.

If you made your film in the US, there's no saying that it won't play well to people in France, and vice versa.

For this reason, when Raindance Film Festival clued us into a pretty nifty little guide in a tweet they sent out earlier this week, we opted to lay it out in article form, for your reference. The list, compiled by UniFrance, contains 50 distributors from 17 different countries. The last time the list was updated was in 2010 so it may be a bit outdated, but we were assured by Raindance that "the short film distribution market doesn't change seismically, like it does with feature distribution." Nevertheless, it's probably safer to start with the distributors that have active websites.

Godoflove2010's Oscar Winning 'God of Love.'


Flickerfest Distribution

For short film distribution:
Maximum running time: 30', animated films, fiction films and short documentaries, must be subtitled in English, 3- to 5-year contract, broadcast in Australia and New Zealand via cable, satellite and terrestrial services, 30%

Bondi Pavilion - Bondi Beach
NSW 2026 Sydney. Australia

Tel. : +61 2.9365.6888 Fax : +61 2.9365.6899


Synapse TV

For short films: running time between 5' and 25'. All genres. Films must be subtitled in English. 30-month contract for Brazil. Distribution media: cable and satellite services. Commission: 30% or 35%. Present at ClermontFerrand, Cannes, MIPTV and MIPCom.

Rua Benjamin Batista 34/302
22461-120 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tel. : +55 21.2537.1211 Fax : +55 21.2537.48.76


Ouat Media

2844 Dundas Street West
M6P 1Y7 Toronto, Canada

Tel. : +1 416.979.7380 Fax : +1 416.492.9539


1, rue Pierre Leroux
75007 Paris, France

  • Bérangère Condomines: Director of Short Film Acquisitions

Ad Astra Films

84, avenue de Lattre de Tassigny
06400 Cannes, France

Tel. : +33

Agence du Court-Métrage

For short film distribution:
Up to 59', all genres, 5-year license, non-exclusive and renewable, for broadcast via terrestrial, cable and satellite services, all territories, 20% commission. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at numerous international film festivals and markets.

2, rue de Tocqueville
75017 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33

Ithinkithought_0Matthew Modine's 'I Think I Thought'Credit: Film Annex

Collectif Jeune Cinéma - Cinédif

Mains d'Oeuvres - Atelier 11 - 1, rue Charles Garnier
93400 Saint-Ouen, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33

DVD Pocket (Groupe Elytel)

9, passage du Génie
75012 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33

La Luna Productions 

28, rue de la Chapelle
75018 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33


Company specializing in video publishing and short film distribution on DVD. Maximum running time: 15'. All genres. French versions accepted. License period: 5 years, all territories. Commission: 50% shared between the number of films included in the DVD compilation. Present at international film festivals and markets.

14, rue Taylor
75010 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33


3, rue de l'Hôtellerie
44482 Carquefou Cedex, France

Tel. : +33

Premium Films

For short film distribution: required running time between 10' and 20', maximum 30'. Genres: all genres except experimental films. Films must be subtitled in English. Period of license: 1 year exclusive. Territories: all territories (priority territories: Europe, United States, Asia). Commission: 30%. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at numerous international film festivals and markets.

130, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33

Talantis Films

Running time between 10' and 15'; less than 5' for theatrical release. Genres: fiction, animated films, comedies, sci-fi, thrillers, crime, action, drama. Films must be subtitled in English.  1-year exclusive licence, all territories (good knowledge of the US market). Distribution media: TV, DVD, video, the Internet and theatrical release.  Commission: 35% for TV sales, 40% for video and the Internet. Distribution of series: running time between 30 sec. and 26'. Genres: fiction films animated films. Must be subtitled in English. 1-year exclusive licence, all territories. Distribution media: TV, DVD, video, the Internet and theatrical release. Commission: 25%. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and numerous international film festivals and markets.

36, rue Milton
75009 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33

VOD Mania

130, rue de Turenne
75003 Paris, France

Tel. : +33 Fax : +33

Le_cri-expl1'Le Cri'Credit: La Luna Productions


Interfilm Berlin

Films of maximum 30' running time, ideal length 20', all genres, English subtitles essential. 2-5 year contract, worldwide broadcast, terrestrial, cable and satellite services, DVD and theatrical release. 50%/50% for theatrical distribution, 60%/40% or 70%/30% for others. Selection made from films sent to their own festival (Interfilm Berlin, held in November). Present at international markets.

Tempelhofer Ufer 1A
10961 Berlin, Germany

Tel. : +49 30.259.429.04 Fax : +49 30.693.2959

Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg E.V.

German agency for international short film distribution. Theatrical release: Maximum running time: 10', all genres, non-exclusive 7-year contract for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fees and conditions negotiable. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at other international festivals and markets.

Friedensallee 7
22765 Hamburger, Germany

Tel. : +49 Fax : +49


Acquisition of films and TV movies for German-speaking territories; sales of productions for the leading channel, ARD; coproductions.

Reelport GmbH

Reelport is the official submission platform of several European film festivals as well as a distribution platform specialised in the digital exploitation of film (D-Cinema, IPTV, Mobile, etc.). In our online catalogue, cinemas can search for films, watch them in DVD quality and take a look at the films' licence details.

Rothehausstrasse 1A
50823 Cologne, Germany

Tel. : +49

Great Britain

Shorts TV/Shorts International

6-8 Luke Street, London

Tel. : +44 (0) 207 613 5400

Dazzle Films

Distribution of short films, no limit to running time, fiction films, animated films and documentaries. English subtitles requested, contract between 3 to 5 years, distribution worldwide, all media, 40% commission. Present at Clermont-Ferrand.

Unit P102 - Penn Street Studio - 23-28
Penn Street - Hoxton, N1 5DL London, Great Britain

Tel. : +44 20.7739.7716

Left LTD

Saint Line House, Mount Stewart Square
CF10 Cardiff Bay Great Britain

Spafax UK

The Pumphouse
13-16 Jacob's Well Mews
W1U3DY London, Great Britain

Tel. : +44 2079062001 Fax : +44 2079062022


Carousel Films

76, Slaminos St.
17675 Kallithea, Greece
Tel. : +30 Fax : +30


Cinephil - Distribution & Co-Productions

For short film distribution: Running time between 5' and 20', fiction films and animated films, must be subtitled in English, broadcast via satellite in Israel and Palestine.

18 Levontin St.
65112 Tel-Aviv, Israel
Tel. : +972 3.566.4129 Fax : +972 3.560.1436


Village, srl

For short film distribution: Running time between 3' and 30'. Genres: fiction films and animated films, French versions accepted. Contracts of varying lengths, broadcast all territories via all media, 30% commission. Present at film festivals and international markets.

9, StradaDelle Piane
00063 Campagnano di Roma, Italy

Tel. : +39 06.907.70.33 Fax : +39 06.907.70.36

Maxresdefault_37'Amélia & Duarte'Credit: Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg E.V.


Gaga Corporation

For short film distribution: Preferred maximum running time: 15' (exceptions possible), animated films and fiction films, English subtitles essential, 5- to 7- year license for Japan, distributed via TV (free-to-air and pay-TV), video, the Internet and theatrical release. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at numerous other international film festivals. This country shows a keen demand for short films.

TY Bldg, 2-22-18 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
107-0062 Tokyo Japan

Tel. : +81 50.5810.1356 Fax : +81 3.5786.7138

Gauguins International Inc.

HQ #1004 Pleyade,
1-11 Hakozaki, Chuo-ku
103-0015 Tokyo Japan

Tel. : +81 3.5649.3801 Fax : +81 3.5649.3802


SND Films

For short film distribution: running time between 5' and 15'. Genres: fiction films and animated films (company specializes in animated films). 2-year licence. Territories: all territories. Distribution media: all media. Commission: Variable. Present at Clermont-Ferrand.

P.O. Box 15703
1001 NE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tel. : +31 20.404.0707 Fax : +31 20.404.0708

  • Sydney Neter - Executive Director



Georgenes Verft 12 USF
5011 Bergen, Norway

Tel. : +47 Fax : +47


TPSA (Telekomunikacja Poslka s.a.)

ul. Twarda 14/16 Pok 112
00-105 Varsovie, Poland

Tel. : +48 22.527.08.36

South Korea

Film Messenger

728-204 Eunpyeong Newe Town 11 Jingwan-dong Eunpyeong-gu
122-737 Séoul, South Korea

Tel. : +82 23661.4429 Fax : +82 2.2659.8676

Indiestory Inc.

Short film distribution company. Film length: between 5' and 40', genres in order of preference: fiction, animated films and documentaries. English subtitles essential, 1-2 year term, chiefly for Korea, for broadcast via cable, satellite, terrestrial operators, video, DVD, and the Internet. Commission between 20% and 30%. Present at Clermont-Ferrand and at various international festivals and markets.

4FL. BaekAk B/D, 135-4, TongIn-dong JongRoh-gu
110-043 Séoul, South Korea

Tel. : +82 2.722.6051 Fax : +82 2.722.6055


Barcelona Multimedia

Avenida Pau Casals, 6 - 1°
08021 Barcelone. Spain

Tel. : +34

Cortodistribucion Films

c/ Amadeu Torner, n° 39
08902 Barcelone, Spain

Tel. : +34 .654.555.849

  • Moisés Tuñón - General Director

Freak - Short Film Agency

Narciso Puig, 6 1º C
10004 Cáceres, Spain

Tel. : +34 902.012.909 Fax : +34 927.261.009

133776754545_1758'Almost Love'Credit: Art House Traffic (Ukraine)

Marvin & Wayne

A short film distribution company, based in Barcelona, for Spanish and Latin-American films. Specialized in festival strategy and international sales.

Calle Sant Joan de Malta 154, Bajos
08018 Barcelone, Spain

Tel. : +34 93.486.33.13 

Some Like It Short

Apdo. Correos 295
46183 La Eliana - Valence, Spain

Tel. : +34 606.31.88.14

ohm:tv gmbh

Gran de Gràcia 15-1-1
08012 Barcelone, Spain

Tel. : +34 93.2388.972 Fax : +34 93.2388.973



5, rue du Simplon
1020 Renens, Switzerland

Tel. : +41 21.635.73.30 Fax : +41 21.635.73.32

Base Court

2, rue de Maupas
1004 Lausanne, Switzerland

Tel. : +41 21.312.83.60 Fax : +41 21.312.83.61

Films Pour Un Seul Monde

Monbijoustrasse 31 Case Postale 6074
3001 Berne, Switzerland
Tel. : +41 31.398.20.88 Fax : +41 31.398.20.87

  • Dorothée Lanz - Acquisitions
  • Daniel Gassmann - Acquisitions

Tout Le Contenu

6, Via Monnet
1214 Vernier/Genève, Switzerland

Tel. : +41 22.7003567


Arthouse Traffic LLS

19 Konstantinovskaya Str., app. 27
04071 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel. : +380 44.503.78.60 Fax : +380 44.503.78.60

United States

Film Annex

20 West 20th St. Suite 301
10011 New York, NY United States

Tel. : +1 646.485.8792 Fax : +1 1.212.929.1025

Featured photo credit: 'This is the Way,' distributed by France's La Luna Productions