Film festivals can be a lot fun. Not only do you get to watch some truly creative and engaging films, but you get to pick the brains of the filmmakers at the post-screening Q&As. Unfortunately, the lightly attended shorts sections tend not to receive much attention from festival patrons, which is something SNL satirized in their latest episode hosted by Emily Blunt. In the skit, nearly every single SNL cast member crowds the stage during the Ann Arbor Short Film Festival for a post-screening Q&A for Qua, a 24-second, black-and-white, kinda French short film, to answer questions from the audience—which is made up of only Vanessa Bayer. 

Anyone who's ever attended a short film festival knows that SNL really captured the humorous aspects of those post-screening Q&As. Many times the size of the filmmakers' ambition and inspiration don't really match the size of the audience. But put down your torches and pitchforks, short filmmakers! Though there are some film festivals that have highly regarded (and attended) shorts sections, short films are still a highly underrated and underappreciated art form. (So, after you're done laughing, go and check out some short films!)

This sketch is only one in a string of SNL's film festival lampooning. On October 1st, the show poked fun at New York Film Festival roundtables with their "Women in Hollywood" sketch, which features Aidy Bryant as the moderator, Cecily Strong as Marion Cotillard, Sasheer Zamata as Lupita Nyong'o, host Margot Robbie as Keira Knightley, and Kate McKinnon as Debette Goldry, an aged fictional star from old Hollywood. Check it out below:

Source: NBC