Though relatively new to the production/finance game, Tadmor has put out a pretty impressive, and highly experimental, roster of films. Among them are The Daniels' Sundance-breaking hit Swiss Army Man, the unconventional American Ultra, and the award-winning Junction 48. Now they want to give you a chance.

Now in their second year, Tadmor's incubation lab "The Distillery" has opened up its submission window for applications. The Distillery is a three-month program, running from February 27-June 2, 2017, during which participants develop a new or existing feature film or television script. According to Tadmor, the goal of the incubator is to "collaborate with and cultivate the next wave of innovative filmmakers and writers through our writing lab."

That being said, you can only apply to the program if you have a finished a screenplay or a finished film in hand. The good news is that the screenplay or finished film can take the form of any medium (short/feature/TV episode.) It's unclear whether the project you send them is the project you must work on while in the incubator, but we imagine once you're in, you're free to work on whatever you want. 

In addition to sending them your project, all that is required is a one-page letter in which you introduce yourself.  From Tadmor: "We want to get to know you, your style, what excites you, and why you're interested in the program."  Seems simple enough, no application fee, and the rewards are ludicrously good, including the following: 

WORK SPACE: Desk space at Tadmor's office in the Flatiron District of New York City.

ONE-ON-ONE WORKSHOP SESSIONS: Bi-monthly sit-down sessions with the Tadmor team to intensively workshop scenes, discuss broader story or character developments, and strategize casting, getting the best tax incentives, and setting up financing structures.

INDUSTRY MEET & GREETS: Award-winning writers, directors, and producers are invited to meet with participants, discuss ideas, and answer questions.

CREATIVE COMMUNITY: Weekly Distillery lunches and informal drink nights.

PRODUCING/FINANCING PARTNER: Tadmor will have first look to produce and/or finance any projects that stem out of The Distillery. Graduates will build a relationship with a development/production/financing company for these and future works.

To apply, e-mail your resume, introduction, and story to with the subject line: "Distillery Application". Applications are due December 31, 2016. From there, they will be reaching out with interview requests on a rolling basis with final decisions will being made in February. Applicants should be NYC based for the duration of the program.

So, if you live or can be temporarily based in the Tri-State area and have a finished screenplay of any kind, this is one opportunity we think is definitely worth carving out an hour of your day to apply to.