Filmmakers understand how annoying it is just to lose a lens cap, let alone a lens, a tripod, or god forbid, your camera. And when you're busy dealing with the chaos of prepping for or filming a project, it's easy to lose track of where your gear is, but GearEye is seeking to provide creatives a solution that not only allows them to organize and manage their equipment, but to locate it if it gets misplaced.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign video below to learn more:

This is how GearEye works. You place RFID tags onto the gear you want to manage, use the app to name each item, and place the advanced extended-range GearEye dongle remote or smartphone case (which doubles as a phone charger) in your gear bag. Once you've packed up at the end of a shoot, you just open the app to make sure that all of your gear is accounted for. If it's not, the app will locate any missing items by pinpointing their location.


GearEye isn't just for locating lost equipment, though. It's also a gear management solution that allows you to create lists and custom "gig profiles" within the app so you can pack only what you need for certain kinds of projects. The app won't just tell you if you've packed everything on the list, but it'll also tell you if you've packed something that isn't on the list—a good feature for those who need to travel light.



Another great feature is that the RFID tags don't require batteries and are super inexpensive, so you can essentially put tracking devices on as much gear as you want: your camera, lenses, tripod, bags, lights, cables, batteries, SD cards, your car keys, literally whatever you want.

There are several packs to choose from, but you can get a Standard GearEye Pack for $129 on Kickstarter, which includes either a dongle remote or phone case, 5 gear tags for metal items, and 15 regular gear tags in mixed sizes. Shipping is scheduled to begin in July of 2017.

Source: GearEye