The holidays are the time of year when the only things in your wallet are mile long receipts and deep regret. So, maybe you don't have the funds to go on a camera gear shopping spree, but if you've got a little imagination and some guidance from this video series by Eva Landry entitled 12 Trickz of Xmas, then you can turn some of your everyday household items into helpful tools of your trade. Check it out here.

Now, though your closets may be full of puffy coats and presents, maybe if you do a little digging you could find some old CD gel cases to make a sweet DIY star filter, some plastic bottles to make DIY lens protectors, an old paint sample strip to get a cool colored filter effect, or some Christmas lights to make a ton of different kinds of ring lights. But those aren't the only things Landry shows you how to make in her video series. So far she's got:

  • Heart ring light
  • Star ring light
  • Manga ring light
  • Lens case
  • Bean bag and shoulder pad
  • Star filter
  • GOBO projector
  • Funky white balance trick
  • Color gels
  • Macro ring light

Hacks_2DIY color gel

Hacks_3The result looks pretty awesome!

A lot of this stuff only requires some cardboard, duct tape, and hanging lights (and a coffee jacket or two), so chances are you're not going to be spending a dime to make any of these items. I mean, you might have to "splurge" on some acrylic paint to make those DIY color gels (which are awesome, by the way), but other than that you're looking at zero dollars.

And Landry is only on Day 10—she's got two more days to go before her 12 days of Xmas camera hacks are through. So, be sure to check out her channel in the next couple days to see the final two tutorials.

Source: EVA Landry